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Fast way to cure malaria 

If far from home


We shall be discussing and presenting some natural plant that could cure malaria if far from home.


We discovered that malaria is the common disease killing and destroying MILLIONS of human! 


There are ways and Herb we can stop such waste of lives by this disease.


List of few plants you can get within you immediately.


1..... Ginger ( get 3 stem)



2 ..... Lime orange (5 pieces)


3 ..... garlic ( two bulb)


4..... Guava leave ( cut just little)


5 .... Dogo yaro leave ( in hausa language)


Then boil immediately for 10 minutes 


Take a glass of it in the morning, a glass afternoon and a glass night! 


For 3 days.. u will urinate the disease out ..pls eat well because it takes nutrients to work well..


Malaria has cure and this is one of it..


Share to your friends to save life

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