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Aisha Yesufu Impacts Buhari: Our No 1 Travel Blogger/Vlogger Is Ready to take on the world







Aisha Yesufu, co-convener of BringBackOurGirls, BBOG, support bunch has derided President Muhammadu Buhari over his outing to Mali.

Aisha Yesufu said Buhari has become a 'travel blogger', who appreciates bouncing far and wide.

She offered the comment while upbraiding Buhari for venturing out to Mali while there are issues of weakness back home in Nigeria.

The extremist, who talked through a video on her Facebook page, said the President ought to have realized that leaving for Mali is minimal desire for Nigerians who admire him for result-driven initiative.

She stated: "Our movement blogger is ready to take on the world as he has shot out to Mali. Anything that will cause him to be on the plane and anything that has to do with going outside the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari will do it.

"He is there to discuss the political circumstance, turmoil and everything in the Francophone nation. In the interim, his nation is heating up, his nation has for all intents and purposes fallen yet that doesn't concern President Buhari.

"Every one of that worries him is a potential for success to have on the means of the Presidential plane and wave. They are as of now sending the photos to us and that is the only thing that is in any way important!"

The BBOG co-convener bemoaned that Buhari was more worried about the advantage of office than guaranteeing the security of Nigerians.

She stated: "The President that isn't worried that Boko Haram radicals have quite recently killed a few Nigerians whose lives and properties he should ensure and it doesn't make a difference that residents are being killed each day. It doesn't make a difference that security operators are being slaughtered all over Nigeria.

"His being a President is to appreciate the advantages of office and never to assume any liability.

"Do you recall those guide laborers taken by Boko Haram thus numerous Nigerians that have been executed? They send grim recordings trusting that can stun Buhari however they are mixed up."




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